The European Institute for the Study of Women’s Life Cycles is an organization dedicated to the research and promotion of comprehensive female health at all stages.

Who are we?

Our institute is a space where professionals and organizations can access information, to share experiences and participate in innovative research projects focused on and training, share experiences, and participate in innovative research projects focused on the comprehensive health and well-being of women. We strive to be a benchmark in the field of women’s health, offering a resource and knowledge portal that contributes to the overall well-being of women at every stage of their lives.

Our work focuses on crucial aspects such as menarche, menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, parenting, and menopause. Our efforts significantly impact the health and well-being of women, mothers, and children, thanks to collaboration with health professionals and organizations.

We value and encourage collaboration between health professionals and organizations to enhance the quality of life of women, mothers, and children.

We invite you to explore and participate in our commitment to scientific excellence and female well-being!


We are founded to positively contribute to society through research, education, and awareness about female life cycles.

For us, women’s integrative health encompasses more than just reproductive health.

We understand women’s health as the natural state of the body, within the framework of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

We address women’s needs holistically, promoting gender equity and leveraging our experience in maternity support to enhance the quality of life.

We advocate for a full and healthy life for women, in harmony with their life cycles and their bodies, seeking comprehensive well-being. Our aspiration is for every woman to feel fulfilled in her femininity and enjoy an optimum state of health.

Our approach is based on education and professional skills backed by scientific evidence.

Join our mission:If you are a health professional or represent an organization interested in improving women’s health and overall well-being, we invite you to collaborate with us and be part of the change!


To lead in generating knowledge and innovating in the care of women’s life cycles to address, in an integral and interdisciplinary manner, all aspects of female health. We contribute to the dissemination of up-to-date scientific information with a comprehensive and health-promoting vision. We excel in care, prevention, and understanding the authentic needs associated with each stage of a woman’s life, being recognized alongside health professionals and governmental bodies in the physiological processes of women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Always seeking professional excellence and the best contribution to improve women’s integrative health


Biopsychosocial approach

Our commitment encompasses all stages of the female life cycle: fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause. We aim to restore balance between a woman and her cyclic nature through self-awareness and conscious education in sexual, reproductive, and menstrual health.

We recognize the interconnection of biological, psychological, and social factors in women's health. Our services include personalized training, care, and treatments from a holistic perspective, guided by a preventive and natural approach for complete well-being.

Commitment to Innovation

We dedicate efforts to cutting-edge research to enhance the understanding and care of female life cycles, focusing on critical areas like reproductive health and menopause. We are committed to improving the quality of care, aiming to provide optimal and tailored responses to women's needs.

This commitment to innovation seeks to address the concerns of professionals interested in current evidence-based innovations in women's care at any life stage: fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, menopause, and conscious motherhood.

Promotion of Gender Equality

We strive to combat gender inequalities in health research and care, ensuring equitable treatment in all aspects.

IIt's essential that our society, through various institutions, bodies, and professional and educational sectors, cooperate towards a common goal: to protect health through prevention and care with a global, respectful, and comprehensive vision of women's health. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to a healthier and more productive society in all aspects.

Promotion of Self-Care

We empower women by providing knowledge and resources, enabling them to take an active role in their health care without being invasive.

We encourage women to optimistically take responsibility for their health and to naturally navigate all life cycles healthily and positively. Women's cyclic nature should not be seen as a hindrance to well-being but rather as an opportunity to restore balance in their bodies.

We firmly believe in a holistic and preventive approach, where the mind-body interconnection is essential for achieving comprehensive well-being for women, mothers, and babies. We understand that birth is a key event in the physical, mental, and emotional health of the baby. Our approach goes further, preparing women for conscious motherhood through comprehensive perinatal care.

Health and wellness professionals, we invite you to join our Professional Network. We value your role in accompanying women and mothers, fostering their self-awareness, so that they can positively take responsibility for promoting their self-care and caring for their overall health and that of their baby.

Whether you are a midwife, perinatal psychologist, physiotherapist, physician, or other specialist, if you are looking to expand your knowledge with a holistic approach to motherhood, this is the ideal space for you.

Professionals in Yoga, Pilates, dance, and physical education, we invite you to acquire skills to work safely with pregnant women and new mothers, promoting their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Holistic therapists offer you training with a complementary bodily approach to work with mothers and children from before birth.

Together, we will contribute to comprehensive support in health, motherhood, and parenting for interdisciplinary and sustainable care.

Collaboration Programs and Projects

We collaborate with organizations, academics, and government entities for the research, development, and implementation of gender-focused programs.